Years Facility (Location)
Akron Pros
1920-1921 League Park (Akron, OH)
1922 Elks' Field (Akron, OH)
1923-1924 (Akron, OH)
1925 Elizabeth Park (Akron, OH)
Akron Indians
1926 Elizabeth Park (Akron, OH); General Field (Akron, OH)
Arizona Cardinals (Chicago Cardinals 1920-1959; St. Louis Cardinals 1960-1987; Phoenix Cardinals 1988-1993)
1920-1921; 1923-1925; 1927-1928 (Chicago, IL)
1922 Sherman Park (Chicago, IL)
1926 Normal Park (Chicago, IL)
1929 Waterworks Park (Coldwater, MI)
1930 (Sturgis, MI)
1931-1933; 1935; 1937 Mills Stadium (Chicago, IL)
1934 Loyola University (Chicago, IL)
1936 Michigan City High School Field (Michigan City, IN)
1938; 1940-1941 Morgan Park Military Academy (Chicago, IL)
1939 Duluth State Teachers College (Duluth, MN)
1942-1943; 1945-1948 Carroll College (Waukesha, WI)
1949-1950 Wayland Academy (Beaver Dam, WI)
1951-1972 Lake Forest College (Lake Forest, IL)
1973-1974 Illinois State University (Normal, IL)
1975; 1982-1987 Eastern Illinois University (Charleston, IL)
1976-1981 Lindenwood College (St. Charles, MO)
1988-2004; 2006-2012 Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff, AZ)
2005 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott, AZ)
2013-2018 University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, AZ)
2019-2023 State Farm Stadium (Glendale, AZ)
Atlanta Falcons
1966 Blue Ridge Assembly (Black Mountain, NC)
1967-1970 East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN)
1971-1978 Furman University (Greenville, SC)
1979-1998 Team Headquarters (Suwanee, GA)
1999-2004 Furman University (Greenville, SC)
2005-2022 Atlanta Falcons Training Facility (Flowery Branch, GA)
2023 IBM Performance Field (Flowery Branch, GA)
Baltimore Colts
1947 Hershey Park Golf Club (Hershey, PA)
1948 Rodeo Grounds (Sun Valley, ID)
1949-1950 Western Maryland College (Westminster, MD)
Baltimore Ravens
1996-2010 McDaniel College (Westminster, MD)
2011-2023 Under Armour Performance Center (Owings Mills, MD)
Boston Bulldogs
1926 Braves Field (Boston, MA)
Boston Bulldogs
1929 (Pottsville, PA); Braves Field (Boston, MA)
Boston Yanks
1944 Dean Academy (Franklin, MA)
1945 St. John's Prep (Danvers, MA)
1946-1947 St. Joseph's College (Danvers, MA)
1948 (Hershey, PA)
Brooklyn Horsemen
1926 Commercial Field (Brooklyn, NY)
Brooklyn Dodgers
1930-1931 (Magnetic Springs, OH)
1932 Gould Estate (Lakewood, NJ)
1933 Camp Carlisle (Poughkeepsie, NY)
1934-1939 New York Agricultural College (Farmingdale, NY)
1940-1942 The Hun School (Princeton, NJ)
1943 New York State Park (Bear Mountain, NY)
Brooklyn Dodgers
1946 Bruin Field (Bend, OR)
1947 Sun Valley Lodge (Sun Valley, ID)
1948 Champlain College (Plattsburg, NY)
Brooklyn Lions
1926 Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, NY)
1944 Hardin-Simmons College (Abilene, TX)
Brooklyn-New York Yankees
1949 (Chesire, CT)
Buffalo All-Americans
1920-1921 Canisius Villa Field (Buffalo, NY)
1922-1923 Delaware Park (Buffalo, NY)
Buffalo Bills (Buffalo Bisons 1946)
1946 Cistercian Monastery (Oconomowoc, WI)
1947 Hamilton Tigers Practice Field (Hamilton, ON)
1948-1949 Seymour Knox Polo Grounds (East Aurora, NY)
Buffalo Bills
1960-1962 Roycroft Inn (East Aurora, NY)
1963-1967 Camelot Motor Inn (Blasdell, NY)
1968-1980 Niagara University (Niagara, NY)
1981-1999 Fredonia State University (Fredonia, NY)
2000-2017 St. John Fisher College (Pittsford, NY)
2018-2019; 2022-2023 St. John Fisher College (Rochester, NY)
2020-2021 ADPRO Training Center (Orchard Park, NY)
Buffalo Bisons
Buffalo Bisons
1927 Grover Cleveland Park (Buffalo, NY)
Buffalo Bisons
1929 St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute (Tonawanda, NY)
Buffalo Rangers
1926 Bison Stadium (Buffalo, NY)
Canton Bulldogs
1920-1923; 1925-1926 Meyer's Lakeside Athletic Park (Canton, OH)
Carolina Panthers
1995-2019; 2021-2023 Wofford College (Spartanburg, SC)
2020 Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte, NC)
Chicago Bears (Decatur Staleys 1920-1921)
1920-1921 Staley Field (Decatur, IL)
1922; 1926 Cubs' Park (Chicago, IL)
1923-1925; 1927-1929
1930 Mills Stadium (Chicago, IL)
1931 Loyola University (Chicago, IL)
1932 Logan Square Baseball Park (Chicago, IL)
1933 Notre Dame University (South Bend, IN); Logan Square Baseball Park (Chicago, IL)
1934 Lane Tech High School (Chicago, IL); Mills Stadium (Chicago, IL)
1935-1943 St. John's Military Academy (Delafield, WI)
1944-1974 St. Joseph's College (Collegeville, IN)
1975-1980 Lake Forest College (Lake Forest, IL)
1981-1984; 2020-2023 Halas Hall (Lake Forest, IL)
1985-2001 Univeristy of Wisconsin-Platteville (Platteville, WI)
2002-2019 Olivet-Nazarene University (Bourbonnais, IL)
Chicago Bulls
1926 White City Park (Chicago, IL)
Chicago Cardinals-Pittsburgh Steelers
1944 Carroll College (Waukesha, WI)
Chicago Hornets (Chicago Rockets 1946-1948)
1946 Santa Rosa Junior College (Santa Rosa, CA)
1947 Two Rivers High School (Two Rivers, WI)
1948-1949 Ripon College (Ripon, WI)
Chicago Tigers
Cincinnati Bengals
1968-1996 Wilmington College (Wilmington, OH)
1997-2011 Georgetown College (Georgetown, KY)
2012-2022 Paul Brown Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)
2023 Paycor Stadium (Cincinnati, OH)
Cincinnati Celts
Cincinnati Reds
1933 Fairhurst Field (Cincinnati, OH)
1934 Avoca Park (Cincinnati, OH)
Cleveland Browns
1946-1951 Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)
1952-1974 Hiram College (Hiram, OH)
1975-1981 Kent State University (Kent, OH)
1982-1991 Lakeland Community College (Kirtland, OH)
1992-1995 Cleveland Browns Training Facility (Berea, OH)
1999-2021 Cleveland Browns Training Complex (Berea, OH)
1999-2023 CrossCountry Mortgage Campus (Berea, OH)
Cleveland Bulldogs
1924-1925 (Cleveland, OH)
Cleveland Bulldogs
1927 Hotel Royal (Excelsior Springs, MO)
Cleveland Indians
1923 Gordon Park (Cleveland, OH)
Cleveland Indians
1931 Cleveland Heights High School Field (Cleveland Heights, OH)
Cleveland Panthers
1926 Gordon Park (Cleveland, OH)
Cleveland Tigers
1921 Dunn Field (Cleveland, OH)
Columbus Panhandles
1920 (Columbus, OH)
1921-1922 Franklin Park Shelter House (Columbus, OH)
Columbus Tigers
1926 Aquinas Grounds (Columbus, OH)
Dallas Cowboys
1960 Pacific University (Forest Grove, OR)
1961 St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN)
1962 Northern Michigan College (Marquette, MI)
1963-1989 California Lutheran College (Thousand Oaks, CA)
1990-1997 St. Edward's University (Austin, TX)
1998-1999 Midwestern State University (Wichita Falls, TX)
2000 University of Wisconsin-Platteville (Platteville, WI)
2001 University of Wisconsin-Platteville (Platteville, WI); Marriott Residence Inn (Oxnard, CA)
2002-2003; 2009-2010 Alamodome (San Antonio, TX)
2004-2006; 2008; 2017-2019; 2021-2023 Marriott Residence Inn (Oxnard, CA)
2007 Marriott Riverwalk & Rivercenter (San Antonio, TX)
2011-2014 City of Oxnard Fields (Oxnard, CA)
2015-2016 River Ridge Playing Fields (Oxnard, CA)
2020 The Star in Frisco (Frisco, TX)
Dallas Texans
1952 Schreiner Institute (Kerrville, TX)
Dayton Triangles
1920-1924 Triangle Park (Dayton, OH)
Denver Broncos
1960-1961; 1965-1966 Colorado School of Mines (Golden, CO)
1962-1964; 1976-1981 Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO)
1967-1971 Bronco Field (Denver, CO)
1972-1975 California Poly (Pomona, CA); Stanford University (Stanford, CA)
1982-2002 University of Northern Colorado (Greeley, CO)
2003 Denver Broncos Headquarters (Englewood, CO)
2004-2016 Paul D. Bowlen Memorial Centre (Englewood, CO)
2017-2022 UCHealth Training Center (Englewood, CO)
2023 Centura Health Training Center (Englewood, CO)
Detroit Heralds
1920 Mack Park (Detroit. MI)
Detroit Lions (Portsmouth Spartans 1930-1933)
1930-1931 (Portsmouth, OH)
1932-1933 Universal Stadium (Portsmouth, OH)
1934; 1936-1941; 1957-1974 Cranbrook School (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
1935 (Leesburg, IN)
1942 (Charlevoix, MI)
1943-1944 West Shore Golf Club (Grosse Ile, MI)
1945 Assumption College (Windsor, Ont.)
1946-1948 Alma College (Alma, MI)
1949-1956 Michigan State Normal College (Ypsilanti, MI)
1975-1989 Oakland University (Rochester, MI)
1990-1997 Pontiac Silverdome (Pontiac, MI)
1998-2001 Saginaw Valley State University (University Center, MI)
2002-2023 Detroit Lions Training Facility (Allen Park, MI)
Detroit Panthers
1925-1926 Northwestern Field (Detroit, MI)
Detroit Tigers
1921 Elmwood Field (Detroit, MI); (Davenport, IA)
Detroit Wolverines
Duluth Eskimos
1926 (Two Harbors, MN)
1927 Athletic Park (Duluth, MN)
Duluth Kelleys
1923-1925 (Duluth, MN)
Evansville Crimson Giants
1921 Bosse Field (Evansville, IN)
Frankford Yellow Jackets
1924; 1930 Frankford Stadium (Philadelphia, PA)
1925; 1927-1928; 1931
1926 Eddington Knights of Columbus Country Club
1929 (Philadelphia, PA)
Green Bay Packers
1921 Old Court House Grounds (Green Bay, WI)
1922; 1935; 1938; 1940-1944 (Green Bay, WI)
1923 Hagemeister Park (Green Bay, WI)
1924; 1927; 1929-1934; 1936; 1939 Joannes Park (Green Bay, WI)
1925-1926; 1937 City Stadium (Green Bay, WI)
1928 East High School (Green Bay, WI)
1935 Rhinelander High School (Rhinelander, WI)
1945 City Stadium (Green Bay, WI)
1946-1949 Rockwood Lodge (New Franken, WI)
1950 Northland Hotel (Green Bay, WI)
1951-1953 North Central Agricultural (Grand Rapids, MN)
1954-1957 Stevens Point College (Stevens Point, WI)
1958-2002 St. Norbert College (DePere, WI)
2003-2019 Green Bay Packers Training Facility (Green Bay, WI)
2020-2021; 2023 Lambeau Field (Green Bay, WI)
2022 Nitschke Field (Green Bay, WI)
Hammond Pros
1920 Hammond Park (Hammond, IN)
1921; 1923-1926
1922 Harrison Park (Hammond, IN)
Hartford Blues
1926 Armory (Hartford, CT); Velodrome (Hartford, CT)
Houston Texans
2002-2003 Reliant Park (Houston, TX)
2004-2006 Houston Texans Practice Facility (Houston, TX)
2007-2016; 2019-2023 Methodist Training Center (Houston, TX)
2007-2018 The Greenbrier (White Sulphur Springs, WV)
Indianapolis Colts (Baltmore Colts 1953-1983)
1953-1971 Western Maryland College (Westminster, MD)
1972 University of South Florida (Tampa, FL); Colorado School of Mines (Golden, CO)
1973 Towson State College (Towson, MD)
1974 McDonough School (Baltimore, MD)
1975-1983 Goucher College (Baltimore, MD)
1984-1987 Anderson College (Anderson, IN)
1988-1998; 2010-2016 Anderson University (Anderson, IN)
1999-2009 Rose-Hulman Institute (Terre Haute, IN)
2017; 2020 Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center (Indianapolis, IN)
2018-2019; 2021-2023 Grand Park (Westfield, IN)
Jacksonville Jaguars
1995 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (Stevens Point, WI)
1996; 2007-2010 Jacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)
1997-2006 ALLTEL Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)
2007-2010 Jacksonville Municipal Stadium (Jacksonville, FL)
2011; 2016 EverBank Field (Jacksonville, FL)
2012-2015; 2017 Florida Blue Health & Wellness Practice Fields (Jacksonville, FL)
2018-2021 TIAA Bank Field (Jacksonville, FL)
2022 Episcopal School of Jacksonville (Jacksonville, FL)
2023 Miller Electric Center (Jacksonville, FL)
Kansas City Blues
1924 Crane's Garden (Kansas City, MO)
Kansas City Chiefs (Dallas Texans 1960-1962)
1960 New Mexico Military Institute (Roswell, NM)
1961-1962 Team Headquarters (Dallas, TX)
1963-1990 William Jewell College (Liberty, MO)
1991-2009 University of Wisconsin-River Falls (River Falls, WI)
2010-2019; 2021-2023 Missouri Western State University (St. Joseph, MO)
2020 Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City, MO)
Kansas City Cowboys
Kenosha Maroons
1924 Nash Stadium (Kenosha, WI)
Las Vegas Raiders (Oakland Raiders 1960-1981; Los Angeles Raiders 1982-1994; Oakland Raiders 1995-2019)
1960-1962 Memorial Field (Santa Cruz, CA)
1963-1976 El Rancho Hotel (Santa Rosa, CA)
1977-1979 Sheraton Tropicana (Santa Rosa, CA)
1980-1984 El Rancho Tropicana (Santa Rosa, CA)
1985-1986 Hilton Hotel (Oxnard, CA)
1987-1995 Radisson Hotel (Oxnard, CA)
1996-2019 Napa Valley Marriott (Napa, CA)
2020 Raiders Headquarters (Henderson, NV)
2021-20223 Intermountain Healthcare Performance Center (Henderson, NV)
Los Angeles Buccaneers
1926 (Palisades del Rey, CA)
Los Angeles Chargers (San Diego Chargers 1961-2016)
1960 Chapman College (Orange, CA)
1961-1962 University of San Diego (San Diego, CA)
1963 Rough Acres Ranch (Boulevard, CA)
1964-1968 TraveLodge (Escondido, CA)
1969-1973 University of California (Irvine, CA)
1974-1975 U.S. International University (San Diego, CA)
1976-2002 University of California-San Diego (San Diego, CA)
2003 The Home Depot National Training Center (Carson, CA)
2004 California State-Dominguez Hills (Carson, CA)
2005-2016 Chargers Park (San Diego, CA)
2017-2023 Jack Hammett Sports Complex (Costa Mesa, CA)
Los Angeles Dons
1946-1948 Ventura Junior College (Ventura, CA)
1949 Woodrow Wilson High School (Long Beach, CA)
Los Angeles Rams (Cleveland Rams 1937-1945; St. Louis Rams 1995-2015)
1937 Lake Erie College (Painesville, OH)
1938-1941 Baldwin-Wallace College (Berea, OH)
1942; 1944 Hiram College (Hiram, OH)
1945 Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)
1946 Compton Junior College (Compton, CA)
1947-1948 Loyola Univeristy (Los Angeles, CA)
1949-1961 University of Redlands (Redlands, CA)
1962-1966 Chapman College (Orange, CA)
1967-1971 California State College (Fullerton, CA)
1972-1989; 1993 California State University (Fullerton, CA)
1990-1992; 1994; 2016-2019; 2021-2023 University of California (Irvine, CA)
1995 Maryville University (St. Louis, MO)
1996-2004 Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL)
2005-2006 Rams Park (Earth City, MO)
2007 Russell Training Center (Earth City, MO)
2008 Concordia University Wisconsin (Mequon, WI)
2009-2011 Russell Training Center (Earth City, MO)
2012 ContinuityX Training Center (Earth City, MO)
2013-2015 Rams Park Training Center (Earth City, MO)
2020 Cal Lutheran Facility (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Louisville Brecks
1921-1922 Shelby Park (Louisville, KY)
1923 Parkway Field (Louisville, KY)
Louisville Colonels
Miami Dolphins
1966 Colonial Inn Motel (St. Petersburg, FL); St. Andrew’s School (Boca Raton, FL)
1967-1969 St. Andrew’s School (Boca Raton, FL)
1970-1992 St. Thomas University (Miami Gardens, FL)
1993-2013 Nova Southeastern University (Davie, FL)
2014-2015 Doctors Hospital Training Facility (Davie, FL)
2016-2020 Baptist Health Training Facility (Davie, FL)
2021-2023 Baptist Health Training Facility (Miami Gardens, FL)
Miami Seahawks
1946 Memorial Stadium (Asheville, NC)
Milwaukee Badgers
1922 St. John's Military Academy (Delafield, WI)
1923 Athletic Park (Milwaukee, WI)
Minneapolis Marines
1921-1922 (Minneapolis, MN)
1923 Nicollet Park (Minneapolis, MN)
1924 Kenwood Armory (Minneapolis, MN)
Minneapolis Redjackets
1929 Clef Camp (Grand Rapids, MN)
1930 Grand Rapids High School (Grand Rapids, MN)
Minnesota Vikings
1961-1965 Bemidji State College (Bemidji, MN)
1966-1976 Mankato State College (Mankato, MN)
1977-1999 Mankato State University (Mankato, MN)
2000-2017 Minnesota State University (Mankato, MN)
2018-2023 TCO Performance Center (Eagan, MN)
Muncie Flyers
1920-1921 Walnut Street Park (Muncie, IN)
Newark Demons
Newark Tornadoes
New England Patriots (Boston Patriots, 1960-1970)
1960-1961; 1963; 1969-1973; 1975 University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA)
1962; 1964-1958 Phillips Academy (Andover, MA)
1974 University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA); Sheraton Inn (San Diego, CA)
1976-2002 Bryant College (Smithfield, RI)
2003-2023 Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA)
New Orleans Saints
1967-1969 California Western University (San Diego, CA)
1970 Bowling Green State University (Bowling Green, OH)
1971-1973 University of Southern Mississippi (Hattiesburg, MS)
1974; 1976-1984 Dodgertown (Vero Beach, FL)
1975; 2000-2003 Nicholls State University (Thibodaux, LA)
1985 Louisiana Tech University (Ruston, LA)
1986-1987 Southeastern Louisiana University (Hammond, LA)
1988-1999 University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse (LaCrosse, WI)
2004-2005 New Orleans Saints Complex (Metairie, LA)
2006-2008 Millsaps College (Jackson, MS)
2009-2013; 2017-2020 New Orleans Saints Training Facility (Metairie, LA)
2014-2016 The Greenbrier (White Sulphur Springs, WV)
2021-2023 Ochsner Sports Performance Center (Metairie, LA)
New York Bulldogs
1949 (Hershey, PA)
New York Giants
New York Giants
1926 Hotel Lake Ariel (Lake Ariel, PA)
1932 (Magnetic Springs, OH)
1933-1934 (Pompton Lakes, NJ)
1935-1938; 1940 Blue Hill Country Club (Orangeburg, NY)
1939 Superior State Teachers College (Superior, WI)
1941-1942; 1946-1948 Superior State Teachers College (Superior, WI)
1943-1945 Bear Mountain Inn (Bear Mountain, NY)
1949-1951 (Saranac Lake, NY)
1952-1953 Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN)
1954 Willamette University (Salem, OR)
1955; 1958 Willamette University (Salem, OR); Bear Mountain Inn (Bear Mountain, NY)
1956 St. Michael's College (Winooski, VT); University of Portland (Portland, OR)
1957; 1959 St. Michael's College (Winooski, VT); Bear Mountain Inn (Bear Mountain, NY)
1960 St. Michael's College (Winooski, VT)
1961-1969; 1974 Fairfield University (Fairfield, CT)
1970-1971 C.W. Post College (Brookville, NY)
1972-1973 Monmouth College (West Long Branch, NJ)
1975-1987 Pace University (Pleasantville, NY)
1988-1995 Fairleigh Dickinson-Madison (Florham Park, NJ)
1996-2012 University at Albany (Albany, NY)
2013 Timex Performance Center (East Rutherford, NJ)
2014-2023 Quest Diagnostics Training Center (East Rutherford, NJ)
New York Jets (Nee York Titans 1960-1962)
1960 University of New Hampshire (Durham, NH)
1961 Bear Mountain Inn (Bear Mountain, NY)
1962 East Stroudsburg State College (East Stroudsburg, PA)
1963-1967 Peekskill Military Academy (Peekskill, NY)
1968-2008 Hofstra University (Hempstead, NY)
2009-2010; 2012-2014 SUNY Cortland (Cortland, NY)
2011; 2015-2023 Atlantic Health Jets Training Center (Florham Park, NJ)
New York Yankees
1926 Exposition Park (Aurora, IL)
New York Yankees
1946-1947 Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA)
1948 Chesire Academy (Chesire, CT)
New York Yanks
1950-1951 Ripon College (Ripon, WI)
Oorang Indians
1922 (Marion, OH)
1923 (LaRue, OH)
Orange Tornadoes
Philadelphia Eagles
1933-1934 Bader Field (Atlantic City, NJ)
1935 Chestnut Hill Academy (Philadelphia, PA)
1936 Temple Univeristy (Philadeklphia, PA)
1937 Chestnut Hill Academy (Philadelphia, PA); Temple Univeristy (Philadelphia, PA); Oak Lane School (Philadelphia, PA)
1938; 1940; 1944 West Chester State Teachers College (West Chester, PA)
1939 St. Joseph's College (Philadelphia, PA)
1941-1942 (Two Rivers, WI)
1945 West Chester State Teachers College (West Chester, PA); (Hershey, PA)
1946-1948 (Saranac Lake, NY)
1949 North Central School of Agriculture (Grand Rapids, MN); (Hot Springs, AR)
1950 North Central School of Agriculture (Grand Rapids, MN)
1951-1967 Hershey Stadium (Hershey, PA)
1968-1972 Albright College (Reading, PA)
1973-1979 Widener College (Chester, PA)
1980-1984 West Chester State College (West Chester, PA)
1985-1995 West Chester University (West Chester, PA)
1996-2012 Lehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
2013-2023 NovaCare Training Complex (Philadephia, PA)
Philadelphia Eagles-Pittsburgh Steelers
1943 St. Joseph’s University (Philadelphia, PA)
Philadelphia Quakers
1926 Pine Run Country Club (Bucks County, PA)
Pittsburgh Steelers (Pittsburgh Pirates 1933-1939)
1933 Newell's Grove (Greensburg, PA)
1934 Mount Pleasant High School (Mount Pleasant, PA)
1935-1937 South Park (Pittsburgh, PA)
1938 St. Francis University (Loretto, PA)
1939 Two Rivers High School (Two Rivers, WI)
1940 St. Francis University (Loretto, PA)
1941 Community Inn (Hershey, PA)
1942 Hershey Park (Hershey, PA)
1945 Wilkinsburg High School (Wilkinsburg, PA)
1946 Community Club (Hershey, PA)
1947-1951 Alliance College (Cambridge Springs, PA)
1952-1957 St. Bonaventure University (Allegany, NY)
1958-1960 California University (California, PA)
1961 Slippery Rock University (Slippery Rock, PA)
1962-1963 West Liberty State University (West Liberty, WV)
1964-1966 University of Rhode Island (Kingston, RI)
1967-2019; 2022-2023 St. Vincent College (Latrobe, PA)
2020-2021 Heinz Field (Pittsburgh, PA)
Pottsville Maroons
1926-1928 Minersville Park (Minersville, PA)
Providence Steam Roller
Racine Legion
1922-1923 Lakeview Park Grounds (Racine, WI)
1924-1925 Horlick Athletic Field (Racine, WI)
Racine Tornadoes
1926 Horlick Athletic Field (Racine, WI)
Rochester Jeffersons
1920 Baseball Park (Rochester, NY)
1921 Exposition Park (Rochester, NY)
Rock Island Independents
1920-1921; 1923-1926 Douglas Park (Rock Island, IL)
1922 Rock River (Rock Island, IL)
St. Louis All-Stars
San Francisco 49ers
1946-1954 Menlo Junior College (Meno Park, CA)
1955-1967 St. Mary's College (Moraga, CA)
1968-1975 University of California (Santa Barbara, CA)
1976-1978 San Jose State University (San Jose, CA)
1979-1980 Santa Clara University (Santa Clara, CA)
1981-1997 Sierra Community College (Rocklin, CA)
1998-2002 University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA)
2003-2005 San Francisco 49ers Headquarters (Santa Clara, CA)
2006-2013 Marie P. DeBartolo Sports Center (Santa Clara, CA)
2014-2023 SAP Performance Facility (Santa Clara, CA)
Seattle Seahawks
1976-1985 Eastern Washington State College (Cheney, WA)
1986-1996 Team Headquarters (Kirkland, WA)
1997-2006 Eastern Washington University (Cheney, WA)
2007-2008 Seahawks Headquarters (Kirkland, WA)
2009-2023 Virginia Mason Athletic Center (Renton, WA)
Staten Island Stapletons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1976-1986 Team Headquarters (Tampa, FL)
1987-2001 University of Tampa (Tampa, FL)
2002-2008 Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex (Lake Buena Vista, FL)
2009-2018 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Headquarters (Tampa, FL)
2019-2023 AdventHealth Training Center (Tampa, FL)
Tennessee Titans (Houston Oilers 1960-1996; Tennessee Oilers 1997-1998)
1960 University of Houston (Houston, TX)
1961 Hickam Air Force Base (Pearl Harbor, HI)
1962 Ellington Air Force Base (Houston, TX)
1963 Colorado College (Golden, CO)
1964-1966 Team Headquarters (Houston, TX)
1967-1973 Schreiner Institute (Kerrville, TX)
1974-1976 Sam Houston State (Huntsville, TX)
1977 Stephen F. Austin State (Nacogdoches, TX)
1978-1987 Angelo State University (San Angelo, TX)
1988-1990 Southwest Texas State University (San Marcos, TX)
1991-1996 Trinity University (San Antonio, TX)
1997-1998 Tennessee State University (Nashville, TN)
1999-2013 Baptist Sports Park (Nashville, TN)
2014-2022 St. Thomas Sports Park (Nashville, TN)
2023 Ascension St. Thomas Sports Park (Nashville, TN)
Toledo Maroons
1923 Armory Park (Toledo, OH)
Tonawanda Kardex
Washington Commanders (Boston Braves 1933; Boston Redskins 1933-1936; Washington Redskins 1937-2019, Washin gton Football Team 2020-2021)
1932 City Stadium (Lynn, MA)
1933 Dyche Stadium (Evanston, IL)
1934 Rosebud Gardens (Wayland, MA)
1935 Waltham Country Club (Waltham, MA)
1936 Framingham Athletic Club (Framigham, MA)
1937 Fairlawn Field, Anacostia Park (Washington, DC)
1938 Ballston Stadium (Ballston, VA)
1939 Eastern State Normal School (Cheney, WA)
1940 Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA)
1941-1942 Brown Military Academy (San Diego, CA)
1943-1944 San Diego High School (San Diego, CA)
1945 Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
1946-1962 Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)
1963-1994 Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA)
1995-1999 Frostburg State University (Frostburg, MD)
2000 Redskin Park (Ashburn, VA)
2001-2002 Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA)
2003-2012 Redskins Park (Ashburn, VA)
2013-2019 Bon Secours Training Center (Richmond, VA)
2020 Washington Football Team Training Facility (Ashburn, VA)
2021 Bon Secours Training Center (Richmond, VA); INOVA Sports Performance Center (Ashburn, VA)
2022 The Park (Ashburn, VA)
2023 OrthoVirginia Training Center (Ashburn, VA)
Washington Senators
Wilson's Wildcats
1926 (Excelsior Springs, MO)
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