Marciano, Tony
Born: June 14, 1956 Scranton, PA
High School: Dunmore (PA)
1974Indiana (Pennsylvania)
1975Indiana (Pennsylvania)Lettered
1976Indiana (Pennsylvania)Lettered
1977Indiana (Pennsylvania)Lettered
Relatives: Brother of Joe Marciano
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCT
1994 Toronto Argonauts (CFL)EasternOffensive Line3187110.389
1995 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)NorthOffensive Line1181530.833
1996 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestOffensive Line1181350.722
1997 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestOffensive Coordinator/Offensive Line2181080.556
1998 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternTight Ends5163130.188
1999 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternTight Ends1161330.813
2000 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternTight Ends2161060.625
2001 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternTight Ends4166100.375
2002 Houston Texans (NFL)AmericanSouthOffensive Line4164120.250
2003 Houston Texans (NFL)AmericanSouthOffensive Line4165110.313
2004 Houston Texans (NFL)AmericanSouthTight Ends316790.438
2005 Houston Texans (NFL)AmericanSouthTight Ends4162140.125
8 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach12850780.391
4 Years (CFL)Assistant Coach7245270.625
1994 Toronto Argonauts (CFL)EasternOffensive Line101.000
1995 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)NorthOffensive Line321.667
1996 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestOffensive Line101.000
1997 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestOffensive Coordinator/Offensive Line101.000
1999 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternTight Ends101.000
2000 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternTight Ends101.000
2 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach202.000
4 Years (CFL)Assistant Coach6240.333
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