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The Offensive Plays and Defensive Plays data covers the 2007 through 2018 seasons. It lists all players who were involved in any play that was officially recorded as playfrom a scrimmage (rushing attempt, pass attempt and sacks - including aborted plays such as field goals attempts and punts where there was bad snap or fumbled snap) that was not nullified by a penalty.

The data was pieced together from the Lineup Detail data supplied by the NFL on their NFLGSIS (NFL Game Statistics & Information System) website. The data lists all the offensive and defensive lineup combibations used by each team. We then imported that data and combined the totals to come up with the overall totals for each player.

Sample screen shot from the NFLGSIS website:

FD First Downs
FL Fumbles Lost
INT Interceptions
PASS Plass plays (Pass Attempts + Sacks)
PASSYDS Net Yards Passing (Gross Yards Passing - Sack Yards - Own and Opponent Fumble Yards)
PLAYS Total umber of plays (Rushing plays + Passing plays - Own and Opponent Fumble Yards)
RUSH Rushing plays (Rushing Attempts)
RUSHYDS Yards Rushing
TD Touchdowns
YDS Totals Yards (Net Yards Rushing + Net Yards Passing)
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