Roll, Bradley Paul
Born: 7/4/1958 Houston, TX
High School:
College: Blinn JC; Stephen F. Austin State [1976 1977; 1978L 1979L]
Record Key
1995 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)NationalCentralStrength and Conditioning516790.438
1996 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)NationalCentralStrength and Conditioning4166100.375
1997 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)NationalCentralStrength and Conditioning2161060.625211.500
1998 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternAssistant Strength and Conditioning2161060.625211.500
1999 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternAssistant Strength and Conditioning316970.563211.500
2000 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternAssistant Strength and Conditioning1161150.688211.500
2001 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEasternAssistant Strength and Conditioning2161150.688101.000
2002 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEastAssistant Strength and Conditioning316970.562
2003 Miami Dolphins (NFL)AmericanEastAssistant Strength and Conditioning2161060.625
2004 Buffalo Bills (NFL)AmericanEastStrength and Conditioning316970.562
2005 Buffalo Bills (NFL)AmericanEastStrength and Conditioning3165110.313
2006 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWestAssistant Strength and Conditioning216880.500
2007 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWestAssistant Strength and Conditioning4163130.188
2008 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWestStrength and Conditioning3165110.313
2009 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWestStrength and Conditioning3165110.313
2010 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWestStrength and Conditioning316880.500
2011 Oakland Raiders (NFL)AmericanWestStrength and Conditioning316880.500
2013 Cleveland Browns (NFL)AmericanNorthStrength and Conditioning4164120.250
18 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach2881381500.4799455.444
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